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This is a 1:1 session to setup your mountain bike suspension and to help you understand the basics of suspension setup. Private shuttle included.


You may have a new bike, parts or you might have turned dials and clicked knobs without knowing which combination is best for you and the trails you like to shred. We will get your squishy bits dialled in during this session!

What to Expect?

  • You will roll out for a ride with Travis on local trails in the remarkable Yarra Ranges for approximately 1-1.5 hours (we may be able to travel to you, enquire directly)

  • At least one private car shuttle to the top of the mountain is included so our time
    together is not taken up by pedalling uphill

  • We watch you ride and use video analysis for us to view your suspension in real time together

  • We fine tune your fork and shock using bracketing, which is you doing multiple runs on the same trail, making and recording dramatic changes each run, so that you feel the difference in adjustments until we finally land on that sweet spot for you

  • You will learn the basics of MTB suspension setup and debunk myths

  • You will see and feel how adjustment's affect overall handling of the bike

  • In the end you will end up with a balanced bike setup and the confidence to make changes yourself when you travel to different riding destinations

  • We will send through your final setup settings and MTB Suspension Works keeps these on record to make sure they’re all the same on your next suspension service

  • This session will also allow us to go above and beyond external setup if needed. We can diagnose any issues with your internal suspension tune, so that we can make any internal suspension adjustments at your next service

Cost: $200 

Email or call 0467236668 to enquire or book your session.


This is a more comprehensive, longer 1:1 session to setup both your mountain bike suspension AND your full bike. Private shuttles included!

What to expect?

  • Exactly as included as per the above ‘Suspension setup session’ but your session
    will be about 2.5-3 hours and multiple private 1:1 car shuttles included 

  • In the extra time Travis can either spend more time on your suspension setup and/or assess and make tweaks to your full bike. All of your questions will be answered!

  • This can include: tyre pressure, bar, stem, brake levers, crank length or anything else we can to make you feel more comfortable and smooth/fast on your bike

  • Travis will bring any alternative products trailside for your trial

  • We will send through your final setup settings and recommendations covered to give you tips for your new setup. These tips are tailored to your style of riding, whether that’s bulk downhill descents, more efficiency on XC climbs or to reduce fatigue on those long Gravity Enduro’s


You may have never had your MTB setup beyond its shop build or be experiencing one or more of the following: not feeling in control of the bike (front or rear), lower back/shoulder or arm pump pain or simply want to ride as smooth and fast as possible (yes that feeling of winning a race over your mate by 0.1sec is priceless!)

Cost: $350 

Email or call 0467236668 to enquire or book your session.


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